MyBrewbot is an Internet of Things device.

It connects to your home WiFi, collects and processes data from your fermentation fridge and keezer, uses the data to control the temperature and sends 1 minute updates to the cloud.

Your Smartphone is the interface. From anywhere with an internet connection you can see how your beer is progressing, change the temperature and, if anything is out of the ordinary receive real-time notifications of problems on your phone.

When you're not connected MyBrewbot goes on working.

Set-up is a breeze. Everything is done from the free Smartphone app which you can get from the Apple Store or Google Play. There's no complicated wiring to be done, just plug your hot and cold plugs into your SmartPlugs, lead the probe wires into your fridge and keezer and the job's done.


We've purposely made MyBrewbot so that it's affordable and that anyone, anywhere in the World can get the kit to set it up easily.

If you have some remote control plugs spare then you can use those. MyBrewbot supports any type of 433 mhz remote control plug which you can set up from the app.

If you don't have any, then you can get these from any electronics store or from ebay. The list below gives some examples and where you can buy them. Just look for 433 mhz plugs rated at 10 Amps.



There are two probes for the fermenter and one for your keezer or a second fermenter.

Probe 1, the left most one looking at the controller from the side, goes into the fermenter's thermowell or is attached to the side of the fermenter using  a non-setting mastic  (eg Plumber's Mate),  blue-tac or tape and bubble wrap. It should be as close to the beer as you can get it and insulated from the ambient temperature of the fridge.  

Probe 2 should be put inside a 1 litre bottle of water. Pierce or drill the cap of a used soft drink bottle, fill it with 1 litre of water and put it into your fermentation fridge. Ideally, above the beer and not directly on the fermenter.


Probe 3 should be put inside your keezer, preferably in a vessel of water to iron out rapid temperature fluctuations.


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