Fermentation Telemetry for brewers.

August 13, 2019


You've spent time and attention creating that perfect wort. Mashed in, sparged, boiled and cooled at the correct temperatures. Now that it's in your fermentation fridge don't be a stranger to it. Keep a watchful eye on it and control it  - from your armchair, from work, from anywhere you choose.


MyBrewbot is the World's first fermentation telemetry system that collects temperature data from digital probes, Tilts, iSpindels and Plaato Airlocks and sends it directly to your phone.


If you don't use an electronic hydrometer you can use MyBrewbot's thermodynamics algorithm to estimate fermentation progress. No need to take hydrometer readings once you've put the wort into your fermenter. All you need is 2 probes, one to monitor the beer temperature the other to monitor the ambient temperature in your fermentation fridge. The controller's algorithm does the rest.


It also integrates with Tilt, iSpindel, Plaato Airlock, Brewer's Friend and Brewfather. You can connect up to 4 probes and monitor fermentation progress and storage temperatures from anywhere in the World from your phone and send your fermentation data to your brewing dashboard to see your grain to beer 


Because it uses 433mhz smart plugs to control heat/cold there are no wiring issues - you don't have to play with the mains electricity!


Easy to setup, easy to use. Take control with the MyBrewbot Fermentation Telemetry system.


MyBrewbot is 2 years old this month and to celebrate we're giving free shipping on all controllers bought in August. Just enter the code "HappyBirthday" at checkout and the deduction will be applied to the final purchase price.

















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