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Steven Littler

I’ve been using MyBrewbot for some time now and absolutely love it!

It keeps the fermentation temperature of my beer extremely constant (no more than 0.2C either side of target at any point) and gives you full control of the fermentation fridge from your phone.

Earlier this summer I started a cold crash from a beach in Spain.

It can also show you what stage of the fermentation process your beer is at.

I do this by putting the second temp probe in 1 Litre if water inside the fermentation fridge.

As fermentation is exothermic, the higher the activity the harder the fridge will be working to cool the beer to target, thus giving a lower temp reading in your water.

After a little experience it's easy to read what the ambient temperature chart is telling you about your yeast's activity and how your beer is progressing.

All in all MyBrewbot is a great product. A must for any home brewer whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran.

Alastair  Smith

Bought one of these a couple of weeks ago, and so glad I did.

Absolutely brilliant, allowed me to get rid of my two inkbirds (which covered the cost of the MyBrewbot), and even for a numbskull like me, allows me to know exactly whats going on at any one time.

If you are thinking of buying one, just go for it! Like me, you'll be so glad you did!!

Thank you Jeremy for a first class product and first class support. Would wholeheartedly recommend this product to all homebrewers..”

Paul Jarvis

Amazing device. I cannot believe I used an archaic STC device all this time. Brilliant!!!

This device is freakin amazing. My tilt was misreading after today’s saison brew. Had me freaking out with it’s 31 degree readout but after checking with an old school thermometer, the MyBrewBot was spot on and was doing the right thing having the heater on at 19 degrees actual.”

Mike Dent

I must say I think your product is impressive, I am a sucker for
graphs and figures so this is really good. Being able to keep an eye on temperature
from anywhere is really good too!

Martin Wilson

Thank you for the brilliant customer service. I'm very pleased with the MyBrewbot for Tilt (it's exactly what I needed) and even more pleased with your help and support. Thank you.

Daniel Birch

Superb customer service  and just a brilliant product. if you are serious about making decent beer then get yourself a MyBrewbot, in my experience temperature control during fermentation is the most important thing you can do to consistently make tasty beer and MyBrewbot allows you to do that and monitor from anywhere in the world. what are you waiting for, buy one

Sean Fitzmaurice

Great customer service!


Super impressed with MyBrewbot. Don’t think I’ve ever looked at an app so often. Looking at a stable temperature it’s like an addiction haha. (Watching paint dry springs to mind)

How's this for service. I had a problem with my old v1 Brewbot. After much email help and support, Jeremy asked me to send it to him for checking. Not only did he send it back to me the same day, he also upgraded it, entirely free of charge, even though the unit was 3 years old!
These units are brilliant, and the service you get means I wouldn't use anything else.
The new upgraded units are due for release in December, so why not get yourself an early Christmas present. You won't be sorry, I promise!!

Martin Wilson

Thank you for the brilliant customer service. I'm very pleased with the MyBrewbot for Tilt (it's exactly what I needed) and even more pleased with your help and support. Thank you.

Roberto Navarro

I recently finished my first fermentation with MyBrewbot and found it to be an amazing device.

I have the .24 version and I think it's super stable. I don't know what version .27 comes with but I doubt whether to upgrade or not. If I do, is there any way to go back to the previous version?

I have some doubts about the functionality of some buttons that I haven't seen solved anywhere. In the "Settings" tab there are two options I don't understand: "Compressor delay" and "Start FT". I hope you can help me.

Congratulations again to Jeremy Bullock for his device. It's fantastic!

Alastair Cameron

Combine this easy to use, very configurable controller with a Tilt and a decent Android app and you've got the best solution for temperature and fermentation control you could ask for. I wish I'd upgraded from an STC-1000 ages ago! Add in the ability to log fermentation progress and temperature over time into Brewersfriend (or Brewfather) and you can look back at what you've done for every brew. I love it.
I'd also like to mention Jeremy's quick response to an issue I was having, sent an email Friday pm, got a response and solution the same afternoon/evening!


Yorkshire. UK

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