I’ve been using MyBrewbot for some time now and absolutely love it!

It keeps the fermentation temperature of my beer extremely constant (no more than 0.2C either side of target at any point) and gives you full control of the fermentation fridge from your phone.

Earlier this summer I started a cold crash from a beach in Spain.

It can also show you what stage of the fermentation process your beer is at.

I do this by putting the second temp probe in 1 Litre if water inside the fermentation fridge.

As fermentation is exothermic, the higher the activity the harder the fridge will be working to cool the beer to target, thus giving a lower temp reading in your water.

After a little experience it's easy to read what the ambient temperature chart is telling you about your yeast's activity and how your beer is progressing.

All in all MyBrewbot is a great product. A must for any home brewer whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran.


Yorkshire. UK

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