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MyBrewbot Next Gen - Pro Brewer - Deposit

Pro Brewer - Balance to be paid before shipping £105


Pro Brewers will get a Next Generation MyBrewbot controller together with 8 temperature probes, 2 probe hubs and a pressure sensor to replace the analog gauge in your spunding valve setup.

The MyBrewbot controller supports up to 8 temperature probes, a psi jack for a pressure sensor and the IOS or Android app.

This package will retail for £160 once launched - a £50 saving.

  • Deposit

    This is a fully refundable deposit for the MyBrewbot Next Gen Pro Brewer Offer.

    In December when the unit is ready for shipping we will write to you for the balance. At that point you can choose to have your deposit refunded in full or pay the balance of the offer price (£105) plus postage and we will ship the unit to you.