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MyBrewbot for Tilt



You no longer need to have that old tablet or smartphone next to your fermenter. With the new MyBrewbot  you can see Tilt/iSpindel/Plaato data for up to two devices (Fermenter 1 and Fermenter 2) and access the data from your phone anywhere in the world.


Link your MyBrewbot to your Brewer's Friend or Brewfather dashboard.


Add two smartplugs for each fermenter and you can use your MyBrewbot to control the fermentation temperature in both fermenters. 


Add up to 4 probes and you've got backup in case your Tilt/iSpindel runs out of battery and you can monitor the ambient temperature in your fermentation chamber.


15 step fermentation profile, temperatures in C and F, Tilt calibration and easy access to your fermenter. Take control with MyBrewbot

  • Returns

    If you're not happy with your new MyBrewbot for Tilt just return it within 30 days for a full refund