It doesn't matter what technologies you use MyBrewbot is your data hub collecting information from probes and hydrometers and routing the data to where you want it. In your hand or on your brewing dashboard.


The MyBrewbot controller has a 433mhz radio transmitter built in - so it works with cheap remote control plugs (typically < £20 for 4) and doesn't use relays.

No worry about wiring things into your mains supply. No dangerous connections. Just plug and play. 

The controller has a radio receiver built in so that you can program it from the remote that comes with your plugs


The beer temperature control side of MyBrewbot works by reading the Tilt/iSpindel or probe attached to your fermenter in your fermentation fridge and switching the hot and cold smartplugs on or off.  MyBrewbot will maintain your temperature to within +- 0.2C


The beer fermentation control progress side works by measuring the difference between the ambient temperature (temperature of 1 litre of water in the fermentation fridge) and the beer temperature. By applying the laws of thermodynamics we can estimate the amount of exothermic activity (heat) generated by the yeast as they consume the sugars in your sweet wort.

This data (the ambient plot) is shown on the chart interface of the MyBrewbot application. As you get used to the different profiles produced during fermentation you will know when your yeast have become active – even before your airlock or bubbler starts to show signs of activity. You’ll know when fermentation is finishing as the cycle rate starts to change as the yeast become less active.

You'll be able to see all of this beer fermentation and temperature control data online on your Smartphone from anywhere with an internet connection.

You’ll still want to take an SG reading towards the end of fermentation to confirm that you’ve hit your target FG but you shouldn’t have to sample during the process. We’ve found that we get an extra 400 ml of finished beer as a result. That’s a whole bottle!

An explanatory video is here.


MyBrewbot has a bluetooth receiver built in.

As soon as the controller identifies a Tilt device it sends a notification to your phone allowing you to assign it to a fermenter. The controller uses the temperature data to control 2 smartplugs to control the temperature of your fermenting beer.

Remember though, that the Tilt is accurate to+/- 1 degree F - so if you want a higher degree of accuracy then use a probe to control temperature (accurate to +/- 0.3F)


If you ferment under pressure then add a 100 psi pressure sensor to the MyBrewbot controller and monitor your ferment's pressure from your phone.

A 1/8" NPT Stainless Steel sensor replaces the analog dial on your existing spunding valve and sends pressure data to your phone/Brewfather/Brewer's Friend.


MyBrewbot's iSpindel integration works by accessing the Ubidots account that you created when you set your iSpindel up. It polls the Ubidots site every 15 minutes and retrieves the data into the MyBrewbot controller


Go to the Plaato help centre and ask for an authorisation code. Input the code into MyBrewbot and the controller will ask your Plaato for it's specific gravity data every 15 minutes.


If you subscribe to either of these you can set the controller to send fermentation data every 15 minutes to your dashboard. 

Setup is quick and simple and enables you to maintain a complete record of your beer from grain to bottle.


By understanding how your yeast cells are reacting in the fermenter you can be much more assured in your adjustments to your beer's fermentation temperature, whether making a lager or introducing extra flavours by stressing the yeast in a Weiss Beer or Saison. You get much more control as you can see the effects of your temperature adjustments online using your mobile phone.


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